About LifeSouth

LifeSouth is a 501(c)(3) non-profit community blood supplier for more than 100 hospitals in AlabamaFlorida and Georgia. We are committed to meeting the blood supply needs of these hospitals by providing the highest quality blood components and services. LifeSouth is a community blood center, meaning the blood supply collected from our donors directly serves the needs of patients in our community. The blood donated here will stay here for local patient transfusions.

Each year, nearly five million Americans need a blood transfusion. To meet our responsibility, we need to collect 266,000 blood donations a year. That’s 728 donors a day.

With over 30 donor centers, 45 blood mobiles and over 2,000 blood drives a month, our LifeSouth team is committed to making sure the blood is there when you or your family member is in need. We are your community blood center. The blood supply collected from our donors directly serves the needs of patients at over 100 medical facilities throughout our footprint. The blood donated here will stay in our community for local patient transfusion.  Only if our local supply is met will LifeSouth share our blood resources with other communities.

There are no substitutes for blood. Patients who need blood transfusions to survive depend on volunteer donors who give the gift of life. As a community blood center serving the community’s needs, we ask everyone to join us in a commitment to grow this community’s blood supply.

We promise to partner with businesses and provide dynamic, fun and innovative blood donor recruitment programs. We promise to use every resource we have to uphold our commitment to meet the community’s needs for blood.

Who Is LifeSouth

To provide a safe blood supply that meets or exceeds the needs in each community we serve, and to provide a variety of services in support of ongoing and emerging blood and transfusion-related activities.

To be a vital and prominent member of our communities, known for meeting the needs of the entire community, incomparable customer service and unwavering employee excellence.

To develop our communities’ blood supply by increasing blood donations from both new and existing blood donors and optimizing component yields from each donation.

To be an employer of choice by providing a work environment that continually reiterates and reinforces the value of each employee’s role and offers opportunities for employee development and growth.

To be recognized as a provider of the safest and highest quality blood components and services by engaging in unrelenting and continuous improvement in our methods and procedures.

LifeSouth Community Blood Centers is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors. This group of dedicated community leaders provides crucial guidance that enables us to fulfill our mission. Local Advisory Councils from each region elect a representative to the board. Their support and assistance is invaluable to the success of our mission.

Our headquarters lives in Gainesville, Florida. Click here to visit the headquarters page for information about the executive staff.

Each of LifeSouth’s districts is managed by teams in AlabamaFlorida and Georgia. Click the state you would like to view information for.

LifeSouth regions have Advisory Councils that assist the blood center in serving the local community’s needs and help ensure excellence in service and supply for the area. The councils are comprised of volunteers from a variety of disciplines within the community including businesses, schools, churches, media, hospitals and other organizations.

Volunteering to give blood is giving the gift of life. We hold this gift with the highest regard. Please consider becoming a part of your community’s blood supply by donating blood with LifeSouth.

SAFETY: We are responsible for the safety of our employees, our donors, our patients, and our blood supply.

TEAMWORK: We work together with mutual respect, personal integrity, a spirit of cooperation, and remarkable professionalism to meet our communities’ needs.

A DIFFERENCE: We make a difference every day by connecting our donors to our patients.

REPUTATION: We provide ethical, honest and courteous service to ensure the goodwill of the community.

STEWARDSHIP: We efficiently manage our resources and our community blood supply.


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Meet Our Team

Nancy EckertPresident & CEO
Nancy is responsible for implementing policies and directives promulgated by the board. Read more….
Paul GrebeChief Financial Officer
Paul prepares the annual budget, pricing for services and financial reports at least quarterly for review by the President and CEO, the Finance and Audit Committee and approval by the board. Read more….
Thomas WurzbachChief Information Officer
Tom acts as the company’s executive-level subject matter expert on technology issues and ensures that LifeSouth’s information assets are aligned with its strategic business objectives. Read more….
Kimberly KinsellGeneral Counsel
Kim is responsible for advising and representing LifeSouth in all legal matters. Read more….
J.B. BowlesVice President of Operations
J.B. directs company operations to meet budget and other financial goals, short-term and long-range planning and budget development, to support strategic business goals Read more….
Jill Evans, MTVice President of Quality
Jill oversees the blood center’s quality plan including compliance, error management, regulatory affairs, validation and implementation of process change. Read more….