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Thank you for considering to host a blood drive with LifeSouth. Scheduling a blood drive for your organization is very simple. Just phone or email the contact for your area and we’ll get back with you right away on a date to host a drive.

Below is a list of our Community Development Coordinators through-out our footprint here at LifeSouth. Community Development Coordinators handle all local special events, marketing, public relations and work closely with our LifeSouth recruiters.

For a high school permission form, download this pdf.


North Alabama Eric Franchois  (256) 533-8201
Central Alabama Leah Ratliff (205) 943-6000
South Alabama Melinda Hinds   (334) 260-0803 
Coastal Alabama Angela Williams  (251) 295-1708 


Georgia Atlanta


North Florida Laura Bialeck (352) 359-0988
Central Florida Tom Davis (352) 425-9743

It is preferred for you to use a local contact, but if you are unsure of who to call, please feel free to contact our corporate blood drive scheduling department at 1-866-912-0683.