An autologous blood collection is when a patient provides his or her own blood before a scheduled surgery.

How do I make an autologous donation?

The patient’s physician or surgeon completes the appropriate request form for the blood collection, and submits this form to LifeSouth.  The LifeSouth Medical Office evaluates all requests.  If approved, the patient may have up to two units collected prior to surgery.  To provide adequate time to process the collected blood, LifeSouth requests that the first collection occur 14 days before the surgery and the second collection occur at least 7days before surgery.

Can all patients make self-donations?

No. Some patients, for various reasons, are not good candidates for self-donations. Other patients have medical problems requiring clearance by a medical specialist before they can donate blood. Some procedures rarely, if ever, require transfusion, so self-donation is not necessary.

What procedures might need blood?

Procedures likely to require blood include bilateral (meaning double) knee or hip replacement, knee or hip revision, complex revisions of cardiac procedures, and complex spinal surgeries.

Where can I go for an autologous collection?

Your physician should send a completed Request for Autologous Collections form to the nearest LifeSouth donor center. If the request is approved, you will be scheduled for the collection.  Ideally, we ask that you call the blood center to verify approval of the request and, if approved, to schedule an appointment at your convenience.

Will my autologous blood be available for my surgery?

If all test results are negative, the unit(s) you had collected will be at the hospital in time for your planned procedure.  However, if any test result is not negative, the unit will not be available.  You and your doctor will be notified if any test is not negative.