Directed Donation

A medically indicated directed donation is a blood donation required for a specific patient’s medical need.

How is this done?

The LifeSouth Medical Office will discuss the specific medical need with the physician or family member whose patient needs transfusion.  Sometimes the medical need is determined by the blood bank/transfusion service. The LifeSouth Medical Office will provide directions for donation, if indicated.

May a patient who needs surgery request specific donations, such as donations from their friends and family members?

LifeSouth may be able to arrange a Friends and Family Blood drive in honor of a specific patient. Blood donated at this type of drive will be used as part of the general blood supply, often to replenish the blood the specific patient may have used.  For this type of drive, donated blood is not set aside for a specific patient.  Click here for more information on our Friends and Family Blood Drives.

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