Double Red

Am I eligible? You must meet the same requirements as a whole blood donor and you must meet heightened criteria for donating double red cells, especially for hemoglobin, weight and height. The thresholds for each vary by gender as well as by the device used to collect the donation. Call us today at 888.795.2707 and ask if this procedure is right for you!

Double red cell donations are very much like whole blood donations, except a special machine is used to safely draw two units of red blood cells during one donation while returning your plasma and platelets to you.

Red blood cells are the most frequently used blood component. They are needed by almost every type of patient who needs a transfusion. The automated donation process is as safe as the whole blood donation process.

If you meet certain criteria, double red cell donation allows you to safely donate two units of red cells during one appointment allowing you to maximize your donation and your time.

This procedure is great for someone with a much needed blood type and an extremely busy schedule.

Blood types that are preferred for this procedure include: O, A negative or B negative. Donating double red cells takes about 20-30 minutes longer than a whole blood donation and you can donate approximately every four months.

An added perk is that with all of your platelets and plasma returned to you along with some saline, you don’t lose the liquid portion of your blood and may feel more hydrated post donation.