LifeWise Wellness

Join the LifeSouth team and become a part of an organization that cares about you + your health.

LifeSouth is LifeWise when it comes to our employee wellness program. As an employee of LifeSouth, we care about you and your health. When you take care of your health, you reap the rewards of feeling better, saving money and living longer.

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The LifeWise Wellness Rewards Program offers tools and resources to help our employees take charge of their health and wellness. Because “health” and “wellness” mean something different to everyone, we’ve made this program customizable. We offer employees the opportunity to earn rewards by completing activities within three areas:

skystarEducation – learn valuable information related to quarterly health topics by attending a seminar or reading an article and answering questions

redstarAction – this can include participating in a fitness event, keeping a food diary or doing a skin fold test.

bluestarPrevention – we encourage employees to receive their recommended annual preventive care, such as dental and eye exams, well woman and well man visits, and annual physicals.

Employees can participate in everything, or just pick and choose what interests them most. LifeWise gives our employees the support they need to meet their health goals. Fun activities, success stories, team building and rewarding incentives encourage our employees to make lasting positive changes in their everyday lives!

Click on the icons below to see examples of LifeWise activities you can be rewarded for!

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