As of today, that spring break tattoo may no longer prevent a person from donating blood with LifeSouth.

“With the state of Florida tightening its laws on the inspection and licensing of tattoo parlors, anyone who has received a tattoo in a licensed Florida tattoo parlor since those changes went into effect Jan. 1, will no longer face the one-year deferral on donating blood,” said LifeSouth Director of Recruitment and Retention Galen Unold.

Unold explained that LifeSouth had earlier made a similar change for its donors in Alabama when that state tightened its licensing and inspection regulation.

“With tattoos increasing in popularity, more and more people were prevented from donating, but it was important because our number one goal is keeping the blood supply safe,” Unold said. “These new state regulations should make that process safer and also allow more people to donate blood.”

As LifeSouth adopts the change, Unold explained that a small number of potential donors will still be facing the one-year wait.

“Anyone who has already attempted to donate this year, but received a one-year deferral because of a tattoo, won’t be permitted to donate until a year after their attempted donation date,” he said.

Anyone with questions can call LifeSouth toll-free at 888-795-2707.


Director of Recruitment and Retention Galen Unold: