Emergency need for all blood types! Please check HERE to find a blood drive or donor center near you.

All blood types needed! Please check here to find a blood drive.


LifeSouth is Ready to Activate as Part of BERC

LifeSouth is a part of more than 20 community blood centers in a program called Blood Emergency Readiness Corps or BERC. This program allows community blood centers like LifeSouth to assist in times of crisis by providing blood. As part of the program, LifeSouth is part of an on-call rotation. If a large-scale crisis (such as a shooting or natural disaster) occurs during the time we are on-call, we will send blood to that location to help the local blood center provide lifesaving blood to their hospitals to treat victims.

In May, 2024 LifeSouth was called upon to provide blood for Carter BloodCare to treat patients injured by tornadoes, marking the first time we have been activated since joining BERC in 2022. We were prepared and happy to provide these crucial units when patients needed them most and remain ready to meet future needs.

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