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For Hospitals

Laboratory Services

LifeSouth offers specialty laboratory services in immunohematology, HLA typing and antibody identification, red blood cell genotyping, coagulation, and quality control. In addition, LifeSouth operates a national infectious disease testing laboratory for blood centers.

Immunohematology Reference Laboratories

LifeSouth has Immunohematology Reference Laboratories (IRLs) in Gainesville, FL., Jacksonville, FL, and Atlanta, GA, offering a complete array of immunohematology testing with state-of-the-art technology for patients across our entire footprint. Our Gainesville laboratory is one of only 4 AABB-accredited IRLs in the state of Florida. Our multiple sites allow for faster testing turnaround times and efficient provision of specialized blood products in a large geographic area. Unique to LifeSouth, dedicated air transport by blood center-owned aircraft moves samples and blood products throughout our service area daily, getting the products you need to your patients.


Our special antigen unit (SAU) program provides almost 500 antigen negative units a week and specializes in rare red cell phenotypes. By genotyping tens of thousands of donors per year throughout our 3-state footprint, LifeSouth is able to provide even the most complex patient populations. We also offer these technologies for molecular typing for predictive red cell phenotype in patients at your hospital or facility.

Our IRL and Medical Directors additionally provide Transfusion Services to hospitals and facilities in the Southeast. LifeSouth is committed to education and works regularly with residents, fellows, and blood bank trainees, as well as offering a licensed Medical Technologist training program and Specialist in Blood Banking program. Bill Martinez, MS, MT(SBB), LSSBB serves as LifeSouth’s Technical Director and Chris Lough, M.D. serves as Laboratory Director.

Human leukocyte antigen (HLA) Laboratory

LifeSouth operates a CAP-accredited HLA Laboratory at its Headquarters campus in Gainesville, FL. The lab performs HLA antigen typing, HLA antibody identification, HPA typing, as well as platelet crossmatching.

Donor Testing Laboratory

LifeSouth currently operates a Donor Testing Laboratory for the National Blood Testing Cooperative located in Stone Mountain, GA. This state-of-the-art facility offers infectious disease testing for over a million blood donors across the United States every year.