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Patient Blood Management and Related Forms

Patient Blood Management has become critical to patient safety and blood product inventory management. LifeSouth is proud to partner with Transfuse Solutions to provide guidance and expertise in blood transfusion as a service to our hospitals.

Transfusions are one of the most commonly performed medical procedures in hospitals, yet every blood transfusion represents a risk for the patient. To avoid unnecessary transfusions, many hospitals are implementing patient blood management systems that will establish more standardized criteria for determining the necessity of transfusion.

Focusing on patient blood management will encourage and assist physicians in making the appropriate medical decisions on a patient-by-patient basis.


We work with our partners to ensure prudent transfusion decisions and to provide the best care for the patients we serve. Our Medical Directors are available and excited to participate in our partners’ Blood Utilization Review Committees to provide consultation in current best practices and work with Transfusion safety officers, who act as champions within the hospitals overseeing blood management, encouraging peer-to-peer teamwork and facilitating the most effective transfusion solutions.

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