All blood types needed! Please check here to find a blood drive.

Get Involved

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Get Involved

Create your own fundraising campaign to help us save lives!
You’re only limited by your imagination.

Step 1: Decide on Your Activity

Do you want to challenge yourself to set a personal goal, such as running, walking or biking a certain distance? Mastering yoga poses? Learning a new skill? Invite your friends to provide encouragement by pledging to do it when you reach a certain fundraising goal. It provides you with incentive and accountability!

Are you an expert in a certain field? Can you provide gardening advice or designs? Teach people how to play an instrument via Zoom? Create a dance video or a “how to” video? You could do those for your fundraiser, and ask your friends to donate if they want a lesson?

Are you a creator? Can you craft, and produce items in exchange for contributions? Or perhaps you can run a drive-through lemonade stand.

Would you rather do something to make a statement—perhaps shave your head, or make yard signs?

Step 2: Decide on a financial goal for your fundraiser.

Is this an overall goal? Will you complete your activity once you’ve met it?

Is this an incremental goal? Will you provide something (such as a lesson, or a lemonade, or a crafted item) for each donation?

Step 3: Create an account.

Go here and create an account with your email, username and password.

Once you do, you’ll be directed to create your fundraiser, and be able to get your own personal URL to share with friends and family on social media, and if you like, via text!

Step 4: Share, share, share!

Provide updates on your social media accounts. Create buzz for your cause by announcing when you’ve hit interim goals or are close to your overall goal. Post pictures of your hard work.

Feel free to tag @LifeSouthCommunityFoundation in your posts.

Sit back for a moment and contemplate how awesome you are for creating something that will help make people aware of the importance of giving blood!

Accept our first sincere “thank you” for supporting LifeSouth Community Foundation.
We’ll be sending more of those!