You CAN donate if you have received the Covid-19 Vaccine. Click here for more info.


National Blood Shortage, All Blood Types Needed


Blood donors are needed as LIfeSouth and blood centers across the nation are experiencing unprecedented declines in blood donation, leading to a significantly impacted blood supply.

Blood supplies have been low for months, and the resurgence of COVID-19 and the omicron variant is causing blood drive cancellations, staffing challenges and donor eligibility misinformation, furthering the seriousness of the shortage. However, the need for blood is urgent, and blood donors are asked to donate soon.

“Blood donors are needed every day to make sure blood is available immediately when it is needed and a significant decrease means the care of patients can be affected,” said JD Pettyjohn, LifeSouth’s COO. “It is imperative to maintain a stable blood supply to ensure blood is available to help patients in need.”

Donating blood is safe, takes about an hour and can save three lives.

Blood can be donated after receiving the Moderna, Pfizer or Johnson & Johnson vaccines for COVID-19 or the flu vaccination.

In addition to the e-gift card, blood donors also receive refreshments, and a mini-physical including cholesterol, iron level, temperature and blood pressure. Find a blood drive or make an appointment!


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