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Your nonprofit, community blood center: the LifeSouth difference

Give local, save local. This is LifeSouth’s motto, and it means that the blood donated in any given community and  its surrounding areas stays in that community to help your neighbors in need.

While many blood centers have consolidated and centralized their operations, we at LifeSouth realize that this approach neglects the critical nature of what we do. When a patient needs blood, we must respond immediately, efficiently and locally.

We know our community. LifeSouth’s longstanding connection to our communities allows us to provide the exceptional service our hospitals need. Since blood has a very short shelf life, collecting and processing blood locally means that the freshest possible blood is available for local patients.

We know our donors. At LifeSouth, our donors are more than just a figure on spreadsheet. We never lose sight of the people who selflessly give each day so that patients in our community can live.

We know our hospitals. Hospitals are frequently underserved by large, consolidated blood banks, whose primary focus is on what is most cost effective. Our local hospitals require personalized, patient-focused service tailored to fit their specific needs.

During this difficult time, it is more important than ever to rely on one another and work together for the health of our communities. Donating with LifeSouth allows neighbors to help neighbors by giving straight to the heart of our community. Give local, save local. Give blood today.

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